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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote the Kingdom of God by focusing on a fresh vision to reach the unsaved to develop and motivate an effective church family through consistent leadership; to teach by instruction and example the Biblical precepts of doctrine, worship, prayer, love, loyalty, and unity to present a loving Christ to a lost and dying world.

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Pst. Luke & Pst.(Mrs) Medlin


About our Pastor

Rev. Luke Medlin has been in ministry for over 20 years. He preached his first message at 13yrs of age when his father pastored a church in Mercerville, NJ. He has served in the US Marines and spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During his time stationed in Chesapeake, VA Rev. Luke Medlin started a homeless outreach ministry while attending church there. In the first year over 28 were filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in JESUS NAME. Several miracles took place as well.

As an evangelist for total of 11 years he seen hundreds filled with the Holy Ghost and numerous instant miracles and healing take place from crippled walking to blind eyes and deaf ears open. Rev. Luke Medlin is passionate about sharing JESUS with everyone that will hear. His focus is helping GOD’s people renew the passion and empowering them to go and be used of GOD.

In November of 2019 Rev. Medlin was asked to consider taking the pastoral position of Freedom Point Church in Muncie. Upon agreeing a vote was held on January 22, 2020. Since taking over as pastor the church has experienced small growth even in these adverse times with the pandemic that has gripped our nation and the world.

Our First Lady:

Sis Danette Medlin grew up at Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis Indiana. She attended Indiana Bible College (IBC) with studies in theology. While attending IBC she was a part of various types of outreaches which included the bread ministry, Jesus House ministry and several tent revivals. Sis Medlin was instrumental in helping Calvary start its first ever Spanish daughter work which led to the start of two other Spanish churches in Indianapolis.  Sis Medlin served as a Sunday School teacher assisting a home mission in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sis Medlin has held positions as Sunday School teacher, Ladies group leader, Interpreter for Spanish speaking church and various other volunteer positions.  She has been to the Dominican Republic on mission’s trip putting her Spanish skills to use. Sis Medlin passion is passionate about serving and helping others. She currently works in the medical field as a raspatory therapist.

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